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Couples therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on improving a relationship between two people. The goal is to really help couples understand each other and their conflicts, communicate more effectively, and build an all around stronger and healthier relationship. Through the help of the therapist, a couple will identify underlying issues in the relationship and find ways to address and resolve the problems. 

Couples therapy can be very helpful for partnerships that are struggling with communication, trust issues, infidelity, parenting and family conflicts, disconnection, codependency, and more. With the guidance of the therapist, couples can learn to improve their relationship and build a stronger, more fulfilling partnership. Every relationship has problems and every relationship takes work. Let's work together to create a partnership that is fulfilling for both parties.

In couples therapy, we will work as a team to identify goals and plans to achieve these goals. We will gather information and determine both strengths and weaknesses in the partnership and will come up with plans to improve overall connection and communication.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you rekindle or find the relationship you have always wanted with your partner. Please refer to the FAQ section for additional information. 

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